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SHEQ instant




• Good practice,
• An hazard,
• A situation that concerns me,

SHEQ instant allows you to share QHSE topics.

This sharing makes it possible to exchange on the everyday’s practices and so to align gradually to tend towards the same vision.



The first idea is to be able in 6 steps on a single screen to qualify the situation
1 – Choose the health / safety domain – Environment – Quality
2 – Choose a criterion associated with this situation
3 – Qualify the situation as good / bad practice or challenging practice
4 – Take one or more photos (up to 10 for a situation)
5 – Comment (make sure you do not lose the idea!)
6 – Validate now or later

Available for download on iOS and Android


I create my account… and I can extract all of my data in excel®.
I can administrate several companies.
How can I do ?

The Sheq'Instant app was created by the company




      SHEQ instant, Ir’a a part of a family story beween a QHSE expert and an IT. During a family dinners we discussed about project we had and … Jérôme spoke about an idea he had with Laurent, one of his cousins.

      Jérôme is an health and safety consultant expert and has is own company, GRIPHE Conseil. He works for a large number of companies ranging from small outlets to multinationals with two objectives : simplicity and pragmatism

      It’s by this way that the firts version was born few years ago for personnel use.

      Today, Laurent is one of the pillar due to his IT knowledge. We work to simplify the use of smartphone more than to copy and paste what we done by the past with papers.

      We outsourced the development of this new version to make it more robust and functional with our partner Ozytis.

      Our solution is for professionnal use. That the reason why we need a company ID to use this app.


      Our offer is divided into 3 proposals

      • SHEQ TPE-PME

      • €30

      • complete solution
      • only 2 users
      • limited on data
      • SHEQ mono site

      • €60

      • complete solution
      • multi users
      • SHEQ multi-sites

      • €150

      • complete solution
      • multi users
      • multi sites

      Discovery mode gives you access for several weeks to the application.
      This one can be prolonged and it is limited in seizures and data processing.


      Do you have any idea in mind? Contact us, we will give you the answer you expect.